Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just be good

Sitting in my office, drifting away and staring into the windows of the world, it is pleasant today, sunshine after 12 long days. The clock at work says 5:00 PM and my rickshaw uncle was off today as he was feeling not well last evening & I asked him to take rest. I left my office around 5:40 as I considered It would get dark & I need to grab a rickshaw from the road so better make it 20 minutes prior.

It was getting dark, I crossed the road the begin walking, A rickshaw passed by me & I tried to stop it, it was already occupied. *Disappointed*

Walking along the road in cold weather & feeling bit scared of the people around –  As I am growing old, I feel apprehensive from surroundings, I remember I used to roam around everywhere in Lahore but I was never as mindful as I am now. Many people were passing by & finally I reached the society gate & then road, it was dark & I was feeling like a little baby. My eyes were full with tears & my heart was howling like a baby howls without mother.

Turned back from the road to the society gate & called the guard, uncle, uncle, uncle & fourth time I shouted UNCLE… He replied – Yes – I told him that I need a rickshaw. He said OK – it’s been 20 minutes & No Rickshaw at all. I was missing my mom & standing there – suddenly a lady came from the other side – I stopped her, Lerki, I need rickshaw – she asked where you wanna go – I told her, she said cross the raod , I asked her please come along, she helped me in crossing the road, She hold my hand tightly, I was scared & suddenly a rickshaw stopped, different thoughts in my mind that might be rickshaw guy her relative & they may kidnap me & there was a state of depression and the thunder clouds of doubt , I told the rickshaw guy & sit into it & asked the lady – Auntie where you wanna go? She said next stop, I said please sit, she felt that I am worried, she asked the rickshaw guy to drop her off after 5 mins drive, I said to her shukriya bohet bohet & she said koi baat nei baita & when rickshaw guy dropped her, she said to him – ‘bahi zara dehan sy bachi ko ghar chorr k anna’ – He respond back – ACHA BAJI & I gave a smile & waved her & she left… Rickshaw guy dropped me off & I was thinking still good people exist around in every corner of this planet. The way that lady came, helped me & was showing utmost care, we have no relation, we don’t know each other but there was a relation of humanity between us. I think Allah sent her for my help because that moment I was missing my mum a lot.

Don't try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough 


  1. I can understand how scared you must be at that time considering the situation of the country.
    That lady was truly a help in disguise though today we can't be even sure who to trust these days. But good people do exist. Its because of these people that the world is moving :)

  2. Hey Aqsa, thanks for reading my blog

    Yeap you are right World is because of these people.

    love x

  3. Hi,
    I do empathize with you.
    Nowadays, it's not easy to decipher ones personality and mindset. However, let us be reminded of the metaphorical phrase that goes this way: "Don't judge a book by it's cover". Aside from it's moral implication, this also gives us a reason to believe that out of ten people in a group of strangers, there, probably, is one or two persons, who embodies the teachings of Allah or God(for Christians).

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