Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No More Fake People Please...

A question is rolling around in my head since many days that why people are so fake? Yes they are, because they ARE fake, and don`t know how to be genuine. they try to hide themselves with fakeness to cover up there true feelings.

According to people it could be a way to grab care, the loud voice, the drama, the toxicity. And the ridiculous thing is that for some it works, positive or negative attention, no matter, all the same. The backstabbers. The only thing about fake people is, obviously they don't like who they are, and so they will do anything in their power to get others to like and respect them. That's the only way they can gauge their own self-worth.

Well, it is really hard to know what truly inspires a person. What I personally believe be kind because everyone you meet is facing their own battle & having a different story. People often think that they know me or the things I struggle with but really they don't. I try to identify this within myself and although its very unpleasant when people always curious about my life rather than their own and I think I should let them be who they are with some possible nudges in the right direction *tee hee*

But if it comes to me, I hate to analyze when I don't know someone and maybe someone have any of these problems & I least bother about poking into other people life. Might be someone could have had a parents that made them never feel good enough.  When spend time people think of their good qualities and try to be forgiving of their faults as you want someone to be of yours!!

Now I have learnt not to trust many people in life, even if they are good friends, working with you or living with you. The sharks always appear, sooner or later!!
As I am growing up, I found very few real true and loyal people. Many pretend to be other than they are--that is where your task begins-be shrewd and wise (that’s I really need to be).
Be slow to confide and watch and listen around and you will learn the lessons that prevent future hurt. So if you do little else but pay attention this bit of advice, life will be somewhat better.

 Good Luck *smiles*

--My First Lesson --