Friday, 9 November 2012

Real Clear - What I Learnt from Kite Runner

Taliban’s – I never know about them, so I have googled – what is Taliban & I google come up with the following definition to me.

 "A fundamentalist Muslim movement whose militia took control of much of Afghanistan from early 1995, and in 1996 took Kabul and set up a radical Islamic state. The movement was forcibly removed from power by the US and its allies after the September 11, 2001, attacks"

Well, I have heard this word many times since my childhood & in my mind picture of Taliban’s was quite different from the present one. I always consider them angles, very devout, pious & I used to think that they are coping with loads of tribulations & evils.

I am just done with the book Kite Runner & what I have read about Taliban’s – I am shocked that humans can be so cruel to other human beings & using pathetically the name of religion, Taliban, not the civilians, is the enemy (and as much to their own people as to themselves).

Although Racism is a prime throughout the novel and religion is an issue that raises differences, clashes and enmity among its characters. Later in the novel Amir and Farid are exposed to a savage stoning in the name of Allah clearly showing that Islam leads towards brutality.

The stoning of a young man and women for committing betrayal shows the cruelty of the extremely religious Taliban. The Taliban in the novel lose themselves in their false Muslim devout mindsets. And they call themselves Muslims. When religion becomes passion and people are dying or being categorized against in name of it, a society loses its humanity. It can be understood that Afghanistan’s humanity continues to decay from its inability to equal man and woman.

The book clues at the corruption of the Taliban by having a Taliban official taking girls and boys from the orphanage. We do not know at this point why the official is taking the children, but the unspoken suggestion is that the official is sexually abusing them. Whatever the case, the official is clearly misusing his position of power. As the orphanage director, tells without the official’s money, he is unable to feed the children in his care. Furthermore, if he protests, the official takes ten children instead of one. When Amir offered to pay for Sohrab, Assef explained that he did not need money; his wealthy parents lived on an Australian beachfront – it shows these Taliban’s are rich & snooty. The Talib talks about the "real show" of August 1998 when the Taliban slaughtered Hazaras in Mazar-i-Sharif. Then  he shares how "liberating" it was to kill all the Hazaras and treating people as dogs – that’s very unfair – According to that bloody Taliban
"We left them out for the dogs, you know?
"Door to door we went, calling for the men and the boys. We'd shoot them right there in front of their families. Let them see. Let them remember who they were, where they belonged.?He was almost panting now. "Sometimes, we broke down their doors and went inside their Homes. And... I'd... I'd sweep the barrel of my machine gun around the room and fire and fire until the smoke blinded me. How cruel these Taliban’s are – I never know – Oh God damn

This is horrifying me; I am so much hurt, it’s totally against the teachings of Quran. From Islamic point of view, you can’t even give someone a dirty look or even judge them in your heart. Judging is only Allah’s right. You can’t even take life of an animal unless it poses threat to human life. It's these animals called “Taliban" and all those who misuse religion to abuse their power.  They are not Muslims.



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  2. And what about the Kite Runner? Don't you think its one side of the story?

    Please Google "yvonne ridley" and her conversion to Islam after imprisonment by Talibans.

    Just some food for though:

    And also try find the difference between Afghan Talibans and TTP terrorists.

    Hope, one day you would be much more clearer on this.

    Good luck!

  3. Indeed this is the one side of the story -
    Khalid Hosseni, author of the book is a communist & living in USA currently. it is a possibility US government has paid him for writing this revolutionary stuff.

    well, All five fingers are not same - SO good & bad Taliban's exist - as we categorize human beings - some are good & some are bad, similarly Taliban's can be categorized.

    i never personally met them so cannot conclude an ultimate proclamation.

    According to a Pakistani analyst, TTP, they are not "the Taliban" that the U.S. forces have been at war with in Afghanistan. But that they adopted the name "Taliban" is no coincidence. Formally known as Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, the group is very closely linked with its namesake in Afghanistan as well as with al Qaeda. It shares its religious extremist ideology -- but is its own distinct group.
    The TTP has a different goal. Their primary target is the Pakistani state and its military, they wants Sharia to be imposed in Pakistan."
    Actual they reject the Pakistani constitution &the democratic process in Pakistan."
    Because of Pakistan's alliances with the United States and other countries.

    Thanks for reading my blog & for pointing out this critical point just like pointing us in QA :)