Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lilly... Happy BirthDay!!

I ‘am the Birthday Fairy!!

When I touch people with my wand, I make them look another year OLDER!!

Sisters are like board games and puzzles. It takes time to throw the lucky Number and win them And takes memories to play the right…
Moves and reach their heart.
Sisters are like abstract art, they can never be understand completely. Sometimes truly give a cold shoulder and sometimes they respond immediately.
Sisters are the way that finds destinations for us. They themselves are out lucky charms.

Thank you so much for standing by my side always, You are my best buddy. thanks for fulfilling my every wish *smiles*

        Happy Birthday

Hey Lilly… I love you x
mish ya loads... we would make it better when we would be together :)
Happy Birthday… many many happy returns of the day!!
You are the Best... A mum, a sister everything to me,  my supporter,  my strength, my playmate, my wiper of noses and tears!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister! Best wishes!!!

  2. awww thts so sweet. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her n i wish her all the happiness in the world :)

  3. This is such a sweet way to wish :) X X

  4. happy birthday and many many returns of the day :)

  5. .....!!!

    Happy Birthday to your sis.

    Ye lo Mere Taraf Se Birthday Cake

    Ab ye mat kehna k hum kanjos hain.

  6. hahahahaha shweet :)

  7. bestest way to express ur lovely feeling for your love one dear,it brought tears in my eyes,mine is away from me and wonderful memories are treasure to me ,
    thanks for lovely sharing dear god bless

  8. Hey Baili thanks for kind words!! yeah true memories are the precious belonging...
    luv x