Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Internal Happiness

Do you ever wake up in the morning  with an internal happiness or excitement for no apparent reason? started your day smiling from the back-to-front? Felt a sense of ease and peacefulness no matter what the circumstance? This is what true joy feels like to me :)

We all get glimpses of this state when things go our way; when an ideal job opportunity is offered, a perfect gift is given, money is building in the bank account. But what happens when a customer is unsatisfied, a loved one forgets birthday, the bills are higher than the income? Our joy usually gets sucked right out of us and is replaced by frustration or disappointment. This is because we were getting our joy from external events instead of from within ourselves.
When we adjust into the core of joy within us and bring it wherever we go, we stop feeling like bounced around by external circumstances and people. We have an inner smile and giggle that tells us the Universe is not conspiring against us.

Under the layers of masks we wear, roles we play, and resistance we carry, we are in anordinary state of joy, love and amusement. The core of our being doesn't take life half as seriously as our egos do. Our true self knows that life is a journey to be experienced, and what we bring to it is just as important as what we get from it.

What does joy feel like to you? How would you describe it - does it feel like love, liveliness, self-belief?

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  1. Internal happiness is the most important thing. but these days i have observed in my surroundings that problems hidden this any where deep :(