Sunday, 7 August 2011

Always help others

The most content people on the globe give their lives improving the quality of life for others; they provide to the greater good. That in itself is very powerful. Every time you help another human you are truly helping yourself. It makes their life better but it also makes your life better. The universe takes that information and makes your life better too. It is called the law of reciprocity. In other words, what goes around comes around.

Knowing this information you can decide each and every day to help others, to give freely of yourself and just focus your energy on making someone’s life better by coming into contact with you either directly or indirectly.

All this means is you have a simple choice to make, that choice is put others first. Treat them as they would love to be treated,treat them as you like to be treated, give with the intention of doing well for the world and society. Being the best you mean that you get to be a massive contributor to our world and that is powerful.
Most people are too focused on their own problems to realize that those same problems are experienced by most people on some scale. I once heard that problems are just the universes way of checking to see how badly you really want to accomplish something. They are just obstructions if you will.

My Dad says that if you can help someone... Never think for a second moment and do it, helping others means helping yourself *smiles*

So go on, go out there and change someone’s life for the better, all it may take is a simple sincere smile.


  1. great topic...yes that should be the philosophy of life...we should not just live for ourselves... one needs to help others and in this way the world would be a lot happier place to live :)

  2. i just remember one saying of Mother teresa that if u cant feed a hundred than feed just one.. so no matter how small or big an aid or help is we should have that spirit to help others up to our extents.

  3. Hi,

    Yes. We should not forget others in our conquest of growth, wealth and happiness. Little/Small thing Matters.


  4. yeah little things matter a lot :)

  5. Yeah. 'What goes around comes around.'
    So true. Candid post!

    *Thumps up*