Thursday, 26 July 2012

And i met President Zardari

And I took off from my office for two long days only to see him

I had wanted to see him for a long time now. I knew that i cannot go to his home and meet him. No, that would take too long. Way too long. And a lot of money. i even made a  trip to Karachi last year to see if he was put up there. And guys it happened! Out of the blue that too. He was in karachi and i stumbled on the news by chance. I went, met and not disappointed.

 I was so nervous I ate a whole pack of mint gum, I hate mint gum. I had been his place only to slap him – that was what on my mind but he was very sweet & said "You know you can't do that", I wasn’t allowed to video tape because the security people are mean :p

The conversation between us was as follows…

Me :  I am excited but you know I hate you
Zaradari : Tell something new – every Pakistani hates me
Me : when you know this why don’t  you my country
Zardari :  Your country – haha, come on grow up, first tell me what are you up to? Why you are here this moment even when you don’t like me.
Me : well, you can better see what’s going around – people are deprived ov their basic needs, no food, no water, no electricity & your place is chilled enough – you are living here – how would you come to know about the poor people of my country, for whom you are a leader – so called leader looting the country. You grabbed enough money now why don’t you leave. I am neutral here, I am neither supporting PML not PTI but I cant see you anymore…
Zardari : cool down – people are deprived of basic needs, I am not wholly responsible for this, why everyone is blaming me. Little girl I want to tell you one more thing... I did not loot your country; this is all I have since my childhood- people have wrong perception about me…
Me: Whatever, if you don1t need money then why don’t you leave?
Zardari : This is a fight for power, I have dream ov this chair since the I get married & I suffered a lot to get it but I grabbed it – “yeh kursi ki jung hy” you can’t understand it… as whole of my wife’s family been killed only for this power…
Me : How mean … you are not least concerned about poor people, you are only thinking about your chair & power – ridiculous
Zardari : you are too young to understand this… I would ask you one day
Me:  ahhhh *thinking*
Zardari :  take your time
Me: thanks, I want you to leave my country
Zardari:  hahaha – I have to leave now –
Me : can I have a photo
Zardari : sure
Me: thanks
Zardari : you are just like my daughter
Me : but I am not *smiles*
Zardari : naughty, you are only an emotional chap…
Me : *grumpy face* thanks for your time & I would again say leave my country

He smiled & gave his hand for shake hand & I said you know I am a princess & everyone cannot shake hand with princess – he laughed out loudly & said shama its really nice meeting you – I found you out ov this planet – I gave grumpy expressions & thought in my heart -------- :p some stuff must be left unsaid

Hey President Zerdari Happy BirthDay !!!
Honestly speaking… deep down inside they all are same - corrupt, mean & hypocrite but the way he meet me up seems he is really cultured *smiles*


  1. Well, good way of raising your voice. You write well as well, keep it up :)

    But u know, we need to change the majority of people in our country to remove "zardaris". He is not the only one, most are among the common public. You might have gone to the markets where people loot the poor customers, so they are also zardiaris. We need to get rid of the ugly mindset that thinks of money, not the values.

    1. Thanks Nadeem :) Compliments accepted :)

      yeap you are right - we need to eradicate lot ov zardari`s - situation is really disappointing around the country. May God Bless our country!!

    2. You are welcome :)

      ya may Allay bless our country, aamin.

  2. hahahaha....what the hell man....!!!
    I remember i had posted a comment on your pic "that some people suffer from disease and think that they are king".That was just a i am dame sure that you have some germs of that disease...Princess Shama Ehasan...!!cooooll...How much time you spent on writing/developing this imaginary case..
    I cant stop my self from commenting like this..... but any type of inconvenience is highly regretted....

    1. hahahhaha Azhar, its just a fun post :) i was thinking & thinking & write it down - hahah you guessed that it is an imaginary post - 100 points :p and i have edited the pic in photoshp :P and i have observed mine camera was far better than his camera :D

      i spent one long hour over this :p

      NO Offense at you comments :) :)

  3. If the good citizens actually voted, maybe there would be a positive difference in the country.

    You look so adorable, by the way.

    1. Beyond Timid - after a long time you are here :)

      yeap it would make a difference this time inshAllah as Imran Khan rocks this time - lets see

      Compliment accepted :) Blushed :))

  4. grumpy :@
    dont you have naybody else to meet? :@ come on...

    1. hehehe NO :p

      i would meet you next time - alright :@ :@

  5. i enjoy it very much...nice compilation of thoughts to a story!!
    Yes Pakistan people are suffering from so many problem and i pray God will make everything fine for all of us..

  6. Thanks Haroon...
    May Allah solve the problems of our people.