Sunday, 18 September 2011

Evil Eyez...

When I left my place for work in the morning, with my head covered, I realized I was the dream of every stupid pedestrian,and the desired object of every bus or a rickshaw driver. Young or old guys of the upper or middle class gawked at me and I was a poor soul.

Unfortunately I cold not act like a film heroine to ask, what you are staring at??? Or let allow slapping on their faces, the way heroine do in the movies.

They are Men the forgiven specie of mankind??
Staring and goggling has become a virus in Pakistan and it’s the obligatory duty of guys to turn off their heads, when a girl passes by them.

I asked one of my male friends, what happens when a beautiful girl walks pass you in the street. “I would stare at her with wide glazed eyes,” he said. I asked him again why he was putting up with this behavior, why all guys gawk at girls. At once he said, Excuse me, why do I need to look at , or let me make it clear to you, if I look at someone that does not mean I have any such viruses or germs in me. Trust me em a very decent guy!!!

Me and my brother get on great most of the times except when we are out and he gawks at other girls, it really bothers me and when I complain he laughs and says that  he is just looking and it`s normal male behavior!!!

Scientist s believes that the part of brain that governs the visual senses generates more neural activity in guys than in girls.

As compared to guys we( I mean, Girls) are like angels. We may not stare at guys even when we are with friends!! Waisy bhee why should we stare at others` fiancé, son or husband?? Thank God we don’t have such germs in us. I don`t understand why guys do not follow the proper etiquette's and intentionally make girls uncomfortable by fixing their eyes on them.

Dear guys!!!! Why don`t you understand this thing really irritates us. Your sick staring attitude is kind of harassment. Yes it is!! The moment we step out of our houses for work, this harassment starts, and we(girls)have to bear it all because we can do nothing to stop it, in morning i was feeling like cry. It has nothing to do with being educated or illiterate as even educated people do not to make an exception - it`s all about your brought up!! So all we can do is to ignore them...


  1. nice post, lovely blog- i'm following you now!
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    maren anita

  2. i feel the same way. im contemplating on wearing a burqa. i just dont like when they do it.

  3. Wow. I feel like a really bad boy now.

  4. Wah chhaa gayee ho Shama.... this has to be my favorite post by you.... so spot on!!!! thumbs up for girl powa!! haha... you nailed it!

  5. dear shama this is my favorite topic ,for me this sick behavior makes our life incomplete and miserable and we cannot nenjoy the blessings of god as they can do,we cannot move out freely cannot move our eye ball towards the open sky or beautiful scenery because there are so many eyes blocking our sight and snatching our joy ,joy of being a free human on this earth,

    thanks for kind words on my post dear,hope all is well in your lovely world i really wish you a blessed and peaceful life,just remember that life is too short to be worry about anything,take every problem as challenge and grab ur joy from each moment as it will not be back again god bless

  6. amm...well i dont stare at girls...and never at markets or places where i know i wouldnt get a second chance of seeing someone if i fell in love :P
    i think rikshaw and bus drivers and all these people can be excused but what about the univ graduates and all the so-called educated males who stare at girls? all i can say is they are pathetic and need medical attention...

    P.S. i think galz dont need to stare at boys :P
    P.S. the post is not by me :) and yes i am alright, just a little down...

  7. Haha there's a very stupid video on YouTube of a girl who fixed a camera on her back and videotaped how many tons of people stare at her. Cheap, I know. But its FUNNY!
    And ogling I tell you, so so icky.

    Btw, I like your header and blog. Ima following youuu :)

  8. Boys act like they have never seen a girl before in their entire life!
    I guess, thats how males are! There may be exceptions, but yes, they feel that it's their eyes and so they have a right to look at whatever they feel like!
    They don't realize how cheap and idiotic they look with their jaws wide open!
    Better to just avoid rather than scooping down to their standards :)

    Thank you for your comment! Do come by again :)

  9. Lol, this is such a cute post.. well, i studied Vision Culture, and i learn that MALE GAZE is a natural behavior, and not just male, some woman do the same.. when we see attractive woman, sexy, nice hair, or diffrent, we couln't help our self starring.. cos our brain found it interesting.. :)

    Love from

  10. thanks so much, dear! wish you a wonderful day.
    maren anita

  11. This is bad ,,,,If I were you I have asked .What the fuck you staring , loser !

    Follow each other .

  12. ooh...Shama...u r absolutely true...but we can't help ourselves...even though we r decent guys...
    & boys would love staring at him...:-)
    sorry but hum aise hi hein...

  13. ooh interesting post love


  14. Thank You :)
    You are awesome too :D

    Glad you liked the post :) I have posted the last part of the story.

    Take Care!

  15. Lovely post .. you nailed it :)
    Following you :)

  16. dear shama,thanks for kind words ,i can understand ur worries about future,but believe me just stay positive and cool ,pay al ur duties with heart and leave every thing on dear god he will make the path easy for you,i left the replay on my comment box you can read what i went through for 16 years,
    huges and blessing dear

  17. thanks dear for your new comment- it means so much for me! thanks!
    i'm waiting for a new post :)
    lovely greets-maren

  18. i got seven awards for you. <3

  19. Well, the situation isn't that bad at times. you have such kind of days when you feel it is all spiralling in to you. But the fact is even girls do stare. I ain't some SRK or Tom Cruise kinda guy, but certainly I myself have experienced that. Agree , men do look at times more admiringly than some women might like. But that's more of an instantaneous reaction rather than a well determined one. When a guy is in some serious thought he might even ignore a Megan Fox. At times, even a simple girl might catch his eye. that doesn't mean he has evil intensions, it just happens at times.
    I advice not to think much about it.
    Part of life!
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