Friday, 16 September 2011

...uıɐd ʞɔɐq

Now a part of life… taking rest may feel good, but it always counterproductive and aggravate the issue.
I`m suffering from lower back pain, it’s painful and frustrating and it`s hard to trace the origin.
Doctor advised me to stay as active as possible.

Every one of us goes through it a some stage of life, lots of hypothesis as to why lower back pain is such common.
ahhhhhhhhhh spine gravity… we puts lot of pressure on spine, lower spine and from where pain originates.
Obesity is probably an important risk factor for developing back pain. Many of the psychological factors like depression and anxiety. Oh yes stress as well, whether personal or work related, contributes towards back pain.
Extensive sittings- for instance IT  people, students, drivers etc may be at higher risk.
Lot of people who have back pain due to muscles, it would prolonged with sitting so if you spend a lot time sitting at a desk at work, you need to get up and walk around...
And one important point, once you have back pain, you would more likely to get it it future again.


  1. it could be a developing scoliosis. i fell from a wooden walker when i was a baby which made my hips very slightly unleveled. when i dont sit up straight, my back hurts instantly.

    i think the best way to minimize it is being active. your doc's right. even if being active means taking long walks.

  2. Don't sit on hard back chairs and yea, walk much!

  3. hmmmm walk a little and stretch your body ....