Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Election Fever & My Hero ♥

So the fever of elections is at its peak, everyone seems so much so attracted towards elections this time, loads of funny pictures, loads of statements against each other, loads & loads of arguments between supporters of different parties. I remember 5 years back in 2007, I was a university student and have least interest in politics and never planned to vote anyone of the two parties governing our country since many years i.e PPP & PML-N. This fever brings hope, revolution … and an entire cloud of other corniness, too

Power dearth, inflation and insecurity are concentrating the minds of a generation about to vote for the first time. Inflation deprived people from the basic needs. Our country just can't afford another spell of stupidity, short-sightedness, and egotism.  Errors of previous governments can never be justified. 
The defining quality of a leader in the twenty-first century is the aptitude and inclination to build a nation which excels party ideology.  Currently, it seems that some of us have the anti- theory of that ideal representing us.

Imran Khan is the favorite to win this election In Shaa Allah, We want posterity demands nothing less.   

Captain oh Captain *salute*
Get Well Soon, we love you x

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