Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Head Always Gets Bang...

Recently, I haven't been having the best of times. It has just been a stressful couple of months. I have really been getting upset because I'm scared  &I am rather grumpy. I know it sounds stupid but I over analyze every little thing that happens. And what I learnt let me share, Dang...there are a lot of ways to screw up your life...

 Be Lazy
Like in not doing any type of work. Totally avoiding responsibilities. Waiting for others to do stuff for you. Staying away from anything that might remotely put you in the position to actually do something helpful for other people.

Be Selfish
Do things for yourself and for yourself only. Act like you’re the only one in the Universe. Don’t share anything. Aim to be the richest, most powerful and significant person in the world. Selfishness is an exceptionally effective limitation factor.

Don’t Listen
Pretend you know everything. Or act like you don’t need any advice, suggestion or feed-back. Don’t listen to your friends.. Don’t listen and be prepared to face failure really fast :p
 Don’t Ask For Help
And live like on a desert island, isolated and alone. It’s ok to ask for help every once in a while. It’s ok to be taken care of every once in a while. Just don’t make a habit out of it and you’ll be fine. But remember: you won’t be able to cope with everything in your life just by yourself. You’ll get by with a little help from your friends if you have true ones *roll eyes*

Treat People Like Assets
Instead of treating them like human beings, with their own lives and expectations. This is especially true if you live by the one above, judging your own life expectations in business terms. People are not assets, like a computer. They have lives and hopes and ups and downs. Assets are dead, people are alive, with all the good or bad that comes with being alive.

Don’t Manage Your Money
We still live in a world where money plays an important role. Several generations from now maybe money won’t be necessary, but, until then, you should be able to manage it now. That means making day to day living up to investing or building a lifestyle. Just pay attention to it and manage it, that enough will save you from some nasty troubles.

Quit doing what you’re doing best. Quit your friends when they need you. Quit your partner because you got bored. Just quit. Instead of staying there and do what you have to do, just run away, cover your eyes and pretend it never happened. Being a quitter is one of the most relaxing ways of living. It’s also the safest way to screw up your life too.

Be A Control Freak
Try to control everything in your life. Your happiness. Other people happiness. Your colleagues or employees. Your emotions. The weather. Being a control freak will eliminate any trace of authenticity in your life. It could drastically improve your discipline and self-awareness, but without authenticity you’re as screwed as a robot.

Walk Your Life In Somebody Else’s Shoes
Be somebody else. Chose a role model and stick with it until the boundaries of your own personality are melting and you don’t know who you really are. When you answer you will speak his answer. When you chose, you will make his choices. Chose to be somebody else and leave your true life behind. While totally screwing it, of course.

Don’t Travel
Stay at home. Don’t leave your city, your country, your continent. Don’t expose yourself to new situations, to new cultures, to new people. Don’t experience the thrills of discovery, don’t risk your life among perfect strangers. Without traveling, you’re limiting your possibilities and completely screw your life by total and undeniable bedroom.

Use all your energy to hate others. Whenever you’re hating, you’re using your own power against you.
 Don’t Manage Your Time
Time is the only non-renewable resource you have. Not managing your time is almost as bad as not to manage money. Only worse *tee hee*. Each and every second you have is a new chance. But if you don’t stay on top of your schedule, somebody else will use your chances.

Solve The Wrong Problems
Keep your focus on the wrong side of the problem. Like in how much you can save, instead of how much you can really gain. Inverse Evalution is one of the trickiest things in our life. We tend to evaluate a thing by its opposite. Like being happy when we eliminate 2 kilos of trash from our house, instead of just keeping it clean day by day.

Be Late
At your job & at your social gatherings. At informal meetings. Show up later and you’ll slowly get out of touch with everything else around you. Being punctual is an art. It’s not too much about reliability and respect, as it is for spotting and grabbing opportunities. A belated person will never catch an opportunity: he’ll be there too late, of course.

Accept Frustration
Yes, life can be a bitch. Yes, it can make you want to cry out loud. But there’s no need to give in to frustration. If something went bad, acknowledge and move on. Don’t be frustrated it went wrong, be happy it happened.

Don’t Love
Turn your soul into a stone. Frost your heart. Don’t allow any feeling of love to reach to you. You won’t need months to screw up your life when you do this. You won’t need weeks, or even days. The moment you ban love to reach to you, your life will be useless!!         


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    1. Hey Izdiher, Life is going at its worse...
      Don't know whts hell going around... Do pray for me!!

      love x

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  3. Life doesn't go in the same way we want it!!!
    But i will pray that God will make everything Good in your life :)

  4. you forgot something else...

    do not blog because it makes you feel lively and in touch with other people and makes other people think that you are alive and okay

    if you reply, it will make you small and will hurt your ego so it is important you should not reply to any kind of communication

    :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@

    1. huh:@
      thats why i don't blog now :@
      thats why i don`t reply :@

      yeap em grumpy :@

    2. grumpy grumpy grumpy :@ :@ :@ :@ huh