Sunday, 5 February 2012

Blessings Around...

And i met him after 5 months & 12 days... same dark eyes, sleepy face that i saw first time in kualitatem around 2 years back... I feel his eyes portraying the moon upside down.His eyes talk to me and seem to hypnotize, i must dedicate Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk to him*wink*  As he talked I watched his face, wondering what it was that I'd ever thought so magical about him. The same sleepy face... now CEO... wooooooooopssssssss!!! Oh yes, he is  my friend, I am so proud ov him *smiles*  The sky was made so clear that sometimes, at night, you can see the far blue edge of forever behind distant suns. Yet, nothing's that clear here, and I'm sitting next to him at his new office.

I know him since 2009,though its a very short period  & i don’t know much about his dealings with other people but he always been nice to me.  For, whenever i knock the door, He opens it up for me... as kind as a mum. He is always what he is from inside. I am so happy for him, really i never been as happy for anyone, normally i don’t bother what are people up to or i get jealous at times but for him, I have a strange feeling of happiness for him that cannot be explained into words, this is the first step ov his success, May Allah bless him with more and more – Ameen.

We have a strong bond of understanding & friendship, though we use to see each other after a quite long time or whenever I need to get some guidance regarding to  QTP & Load Runner :P I am so lucky to have friends like Usama & You. Adee says... We have become like the flowing water that never ends but it originates daily with new flavour of fragrance, friendship and a chemical reaction that humans cant understand..... & according to me ... Pursuing and being pursued is the nature of relationships between human beings only but not between Us!!


  1. Nice writeup :) xx

  2. true friends are blessings indeed :)

  3. So lovely dedication.... :) loving your each word...may ALLAh bless your Friend...