Sunday, 29 January 2012

I must lose weight...

I must lose weight, I must lose weight, I must… sound familiar?  So she is not alone. It`s probably the daily mantra of millions of people – an endless cycle ov diets.
Nowadays She is trying to lose weight so hard – early morning gym – workout for 2 long hours – we all know that diets work but that’s the most difficult thing to stop yourself from eating – for 2 weeks she controlled a lot – but at last she could not – had been to her favorite restaurant and enjoyed lavish dinner and afterwards moved towards the café and had chocolate fudge with vanilla  ice cream – whole diet plan ruined :p
*Grumpy Face* that she could not continue her diet – that diet plan was too boring – life seems so colorless with that plan – followed that for two long weeks and she is starving around the clock- we got good frnz at gym – So its easy to kill time over there!! and i am the victim ov all this as well :p she always tempt me to eat  :D

Here are some do’s that can help you still trudging down the weight-lose road – follow and get benefit :p and do pray for Us that we may lose weight :p

Do examine yourself honestly.
Do research
Do visit a dietician
Do Eat
Do Control your stress
Do Exercise
Do lose weight progressively
Do set realistic goals
Do listen to your body
Do listen to your mind
Do find inspiration

& Do Use Common Sense- You know what it is *tee hee*


  1. Nice one.

    Maybe we can add Discipline too :)

  2. hahahaah...i can imagine how aisha stopped herself from eating nehaarii :(

    love you a lot

  3. ufffff the universal resolution

  4. By this post you touched the right chord of the people heart and every second person now a days wants to reduce his/her weight but today fast life change their decision into procrastination and they keep on thinking to reduce weight And I am also the victim of this. Thinking for a long that I would join gym and WILL reduce my weight. So I am taking this post as a wake up call for me and I will sincerely follow your do's. Well nicely written:):)

  5. People rave about losing weight while I rave about gaining some :P