Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another New Year...

It is said by john Lennon that time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. So another year winds down and I am surprised at just how much happened in my little world. From start to finish, 2011 will be an year I will remember for many years – I met new people around. There were many great things I will take from 2011. it has been a very memorable year. I’ve gone through a lot *smiles* And  i am thankful to everyone who made my 2011 beautiful ♥

As far as resolutions go - Well, I don’t believe in making them… they are self destructive and I do believe in achieving goals throughout the year… not just on January 1st. The good thing about making new year resolutions is that you don’t really need to follow them. You just need to convince yourself that you can mend your ways for a better Future – Ah,Yes OLD SELF after a few days – at least this is to me since last 15 years.

So what’s your new year resolution going to be??

MINE -  I’m perfect the way I AM!! *roll eyes* Well my new year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time *tee hee*

 Always Remember three Simple Rules in Life-
  1.    If you do not Go after what you want, you ‘ll never have it.
  2.    If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO.
  3.  If you do not step forward, you ‘ll always be in the same place.
I have faith this coming year will be glorious. Always keep hoping for good, you never know what the next moment may bring for you. Keep a green tree in your heart, the singing bird would surely come.  *smiles*

HAPPY New Year – Stay Blessed

Love you all xx


  1. Happy new Year have a blessed one! =)

  2. Happy New Year!)

  3. I enjoyed this post! Happy New Year :)

    xo Nav

  4. Lovely post Shama.May this year brings lots of happiness for you.

  5. @Kate, Nav, Suleman & Aisha - thanks :)

  6. Happy New Year!!
    May this new year bring lots of happiness and luck for u! :)
    I really liked the simple rules :D

    P.S sorry i really didnt meant to not visit ur blog ... i was quite busy these days..but now i'll stalk u daily *grins* :D

  7. Happy new year sweety. And I totally agree with 3 rules. They are simple yet encapsulates everything xxx

  8. @Rosette Princess - awww thanks :)
    haha sure - i would wait love!!

    @iqra - thanks Iqi - love you loads xxxx
    i cant open your blog url - please update me.

  9. Happy new year shama

  10. Shama, 2011 was really very depressing for me and I desperately wanted it to go away- :)It's very right to keep hoping for good but sometime (most of the time), things cant stop testing your nerves, you don't get relief beside keeping hundred of hopes in you heart! But anyhow this is how it is, and it's called LIFE :) (ultimate).
    Liked your post and positive thoughts :)

  11. @Maryam - thanks bunny :)

    @Sadaf - hey come on cheer up - everything gonna fine inShaAllah and this new year would bring lots ov happiness for you. love x

  12. nicely done Shama,new year greetings with a silent optimistic message tucked in!
    And never heard before such a resolution....loved the 3 golden rules u said....I'm On the go! :) its better to cover as much as possible while the enthusiasm lasts...
    happy new year..enjoy 2012 with divine luck!

  13. Climax of the post was nice-green tree & singing bird:)
    A very happy new year..

  14. Nice one. Liked those 3 rules. :) Happy new year, God bless :) xx

  15. Nice.. Especially loved the 3 simple rules in Life:) A very happy new year to u n may dis year too become a memorable year for u.. Keep Writing:)

  16. hAPPy new year ^^ yes i agree, resolutions are self destructive for sure but hope they prove you wrong this year nonetheless. Thanks for sharing ^^ maybe we can be friends teehee

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  17. its good anytime when you really wanna do something ...happy new year 2012.

  18. Get healthier and do more interesting things sums up my resolutions.

  19. The best 3 advices on the new year.. :-)
    I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and you keep on loving yourself and keep discovering love everywhere. :-)

  20. happy new year... may all your wishes come true in 2012 :) secret ones too :P