Monday, 24 October 2011

A little lost - Cockroaches

Most stories have a beginning and an end. That`s the thing that we don't realize in our lives when we are living them. We don't see the build to the culminate of the tale. We just feel lost,  in the midst of our lives as if no story is taking place. Its only when the life is over that we see the story in its completion... And in saying that, I digress to say, here I am... A little lost. Nowadays I am missing my home so bad. well,  cockroaches - ahhh always freaking me out!!

God damn - whenever a cockroach come intact - seems i would die, em so so so much scared ov them.
the most scary moment ov my life when i was living up in Punjab University Hostel - it was Friday Night and i planned to wind up my work and decided to wash clothes- i were in washroom with tubs and clothes and ipod - washing clothes - glance ov a cockroach - Oh no its my Phobia - its a clean place & cockraoch cannot exist here - its my habit even i see cockroach i use to scream so loudly, people around get annoyed with my shouting habit especially my dad :)
i have done with all the washing stuff and back to my room - my two room mates were waiting for me, i felt somerthing in my trouser- that was hanging with my trouser :( and disappeared at once - i started crying- i asked my room mates, em not gonna sleep here - first search him & kill him - they both started searching him and at last found him under the table and killed him. i love my girls ....

The place where em staying up nowadays - quite dirty - cockroaches are common a lot - even in their kitchen, ov all sizes. I`am surprised they are moving around in the food and utensils ov their daily use - and  they are so dumb- i told my mum, mum said shift your place & don`t eat anything from here as it would cause breathing problem - cockroaches have severe type ov germs - even if you wash a dish ten time - germs are still there - really em coughing so bad since em at this place - em homeless *thinking*

Last night, i was sitting in my bed, my feet touching the floor, suddenly i saw a creature that peeping out behind my trolley bag - i moved my feet up side and he disappeared - Hide & seek - it was a cockroach - now me poor soul confined to bed - it was thy big *tears* i missed  my mum that moment a lot.. and i missed my home!! if it would happen at home - i never move to bed until my brothers show me his dead body - that's we call home.
Later on i was busy with my nails - suddenly he peeped again - i uttered a sound aaaaaa... and he again disappeared - i was so much scared & shivering - i picked up the Mortein spray and start spraying at him - he was dancing, it was a mosquito spray and could not harm him, my eyes were wet... i could not do anything... finally slept and at night, i felt a sound... i thought its cockroach but it was a fly!! i did not turn off the light.

Lets see what about today`s encounter with bloody cockroach!! my heart is howling like a baby...
Mum i love you a lot & missing you like hell.


  1. haha you are so funny .
    this Coc is so annoying .God save us.

    Thanks for your lovely comments.

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  3. hahahaha i told you kuch nhi kehta tumhe tum na khana usko woh tumhe nahi kahnay laga :P

  4. When we are away from our family, that is when we realize their value.

    Don't worry. You'll be fine :) *Hugz* *wipes your tears* Now SMILE :)

    That little creature won't do any harm :)

    Take Care!

  5. Hey Juhi.... you made my day :)
    *Hugs you back*
    love ya loads x

  6. you are scared of Cockroaches. I'm amazed to see such people do exist who are afraid of such insects.Between they are harmless and they wont do anything to you. I hope you meet your family very soon...
    Stay Blessed!

  7. Wish you meet your loved ones very very soon :)

    Love :)

  8. Ahahaha! Don't worry, there are people scarier than cockroaches who exist, trust me. :P
    i wish you get to meet your lovely family soon.
    take care!

  9. hey, thank you friends =)
    love ya all xx