Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Once i met a jinnee... either he was a jinne or angel i could not figure out as he was flying....
angels can fly... jinnees can also fly but humans cannot fly!!
Its still fresh in my mind....when i saw him very first time... he was flying and i was sitting alone at university bus stop and playing with my cell phone, waiting for bus...
it was February 28, 5:28 Pm. i was so much depressed at that time because i could not do well in my Data Structure`s exam, No one can understand those feelings ov mine...
but Allah sent His angel/jinnee for me, i know God is flat out in love with me,

Lucky Me.

Suddenly a light blinked... i could not see properly, it was a little cute boy wearing something in black and i remember his green eyes and tender voice!!
He inquired the reason of my sadness and i told about my problem, regarding to exam, he said just dont worry!!
and it really worked

then he flew away... i thought its an illusion ov mine but na that`s reality  *smiles*
That jinnee is now living into the forests of Siberia and cannot come across to help me every-time...
but whenever he used to fly across to see his relatives, he used to give me sign of his presence!!

Hey jinnee... where are you?? i miss you, love x


  1. awww thts so sweet.
    really loved your blog. following it :)

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