Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Forgiving and Forgetting

To forgive…but to forget is a little more challenging…

I believe that when you forgive and forget, you should even forget that the person who hurt you or was unfair even exists after that. When you forgive and forget, its only to heal your own soul, you make this change within yourself to heal yourself, but this necessarily does not mean’ EVERYTHING IS OKAY NOW’, you have to be wise enough not give people a second chance to hurt you, if they have not realized it within themselves, the tendencies are still in them to repeat not just with you but everyone around them, until life settles accounts.
its a learning process in fact!!

some scars are so deep that we take it with our soul … still i feel that it is good to forgive bcoz Allah too forgive us most of times and it really help us to live better.

forgetting is forgiving ♥

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