Thursday, 15 October 2009

Em In ThE mIddLe Of SoMeThInG pRettY BIG ....

A big conflict is brewing, but it's not about what they think it is.
When egos get involved, anything is possible, and right now, reality is a bit more fluid than usual -- so em ready for some serious weirdness!!

em not born with the urge to hurt someone.......
It happens far too often to me. Words can deal a fatal blow to a relationship. they said mean and hurtful things whom i wz considering my family. Once the words are out, it's impossible to take them back. No one can see the pain in my Eyes!!

It happened so quickly last nite. I thought they are my Family. And now this all...... They did and said something hurtful hurtful hurtful............... :(
and now My Life feels like it is in shambles. To make matters worse, they will definitely go on with their own lives.... ... and ME stuck with the hurt.

em thinking to re- settle the things Only 4 Him......... my heart is filled with tears!!!

But what can i do? ???????
i have two options:
either move on without them or successfully reconcile. Either way, the first step is to forgive. i must forgive as a way of letting go of the hurt. If the better option is reconciliation, i still must forgive.


  1. Sorry for the ordeal. It can get very hurtful to be at receiving end from someone you begin to trust. I hope this did not turn you cold at heart for that can be a very dear price to pay.