Friday, 4 November 2011

Break Break Break

well, I am not talking about Breakpoints and Data structure. That traditional breaks in life of IT people breakpoints and debuggers - by the way Break point is also an event  and Break too an event *tee hee*  The true power of breakpoints are their ability to allow for the examination of a program's execution and state while execution is suspended. Similarly in everyday life Breaks have ability to prepare yourself well  for next task and execution ov tht specific task address the break first. 
There is a lot going on in my life nowadays. Finally, it’s time to sort it out. Trust me, I will. Currently, I’m going fine - But amendment and reviews are always good.
I need to eradicate the negative parts of myself. I’ve been told many times over that I am too blunt, frank, explicit, or excessively outspoken and too loving. My mate says... she is worried about me, she says learn to handle the people, really I can`t. This is definitely hard. People say I’m avid, brave and devoted, though… and I do like to assume that I devote myself 100% in all that I do.
I always consider myself a perfect daughter, a perfect sister, a perfect friend and I would never change myself for someone else, but you know what? I’m not happy with who I’ve become. It revolts me now.
I am so much busy with this materialistic life – on same patterns, hardly get time to think about myself – I `am getting pretty much annoying and irritating and too complicated to handle by myself even.
Going on vacations for 10 long days – wooooooops *smiles* I am happy, in this break I would sit back and think about life-as there will be enough time to ponder upon Life and I would breathe easy. *grumpy face*  *tee hee*
Love you all xx


  1. U catch my words.I thought itz just me... lost myself:-( But I didn't know it happens with everyone. I hope to see some positive change in you after vacations. I hope i could find that old sweet & loving Shama i never met:-)

  2. have fun for 10 long days ;)
    i couldn't get that long..... :( u r lucky coz you got your gudluck charm back....

    sort it out before its too late :p lolz and be the one ..............

  3. We all say that we will never change for someone, but then we do change for life. Negativity spreads faster than the positivity. You have to try to keep up the positive level.
    Take time out for yourself. Think about your life, about everything and let it all out :)

    Have fun :)
    Take Care!

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