Friday, 1 July 2011

The less of yours, the more of mine...

Money is any object or record that was initially just a tool to simplify exchange of goods and now it has become something of an idol for many...quite sad how the "meaning" of money has been corrupted... now it is absolutely worthless, both literally and symbolically, since some incompetents in a cushy government job gets paid more than many honest, hard working people! well that`s another sad dilemma.

Just the mere thought of money can turn a person selfish, so that he helps others less often and prefers to play alone *smiles*
Even one could buy people and goods quite often with money...
Desire and Greed... mmmmmm

I have seen families breaking up, hating each other, even engaging in endless vendettas over a lousy piece of land or some money... its ubiquitous.

It seems like the rule is something like
"- The less of yours, the more of mine..." 
Quote from the Dutchess in "Alice in Wonderland"...Or was it "Through the Looking Glass??"


  1. Nice write up girl. Money has changed us all *sigh*