Monday, 4 July 2011


Each one of us is a bagger that strongly desire for the thoughts to meet their desired ends, thoughts are mingling atoms of sweetness and pain that have ample space to move about but they end up knocking their heads in the uneven lines that guard their movements and follow us, tinkling with force the uncountable naked lumps, so sticky that once they come in contact, become a part of the soul.

Where was I??

Lost my track!!! This is what happens when you ride on the roller coaster of thoughts; the labyrinth waylays you.

They twine about me and feed on me and grow like never before, opening new vistas for me to the utopian lands. But what was the end all reduced to rubbles, my joy sailing above me bursts with popcorns bursting out of a fissure. Thoughts are floating in my life and they overpower me. They have dragged me behind an unknown hope swinging foolishly along the flow and ebb of the tides with a crown shadowing on my head echoing “This is bravado experience and the journey is not fruitless, it is a means to an end.”

There is a conspiracy in my mind each and every cell is dying out to ooze. My mind relishes the pangs of creation; revamp my life, the way I don’t want.

No matter how much innocence in my chameleon thoughts show, they can never beat the giant called nature that show double swiftness in changing its decisions and devours the aspired ideals!!!

Things don’t end up the way I plan out. Thoughts misconstrued agitate because in my heart I know I never meant that. Then why these feelings … we jump into conclusions without opening channels for the thoughts. Life is not putting the things where they should have been creating a drama, every scene becoming a masterpiece of the mind, attracting the North and South Pole, turtling, shrinking smiles, shimmering nights and dark days!!!

We can create but can`t implement. Even though we know that we innocent creatures still rummage our minds to please ourselves for the span the grains of time take to obey the force of gravity!!

It’s a complex phenomenon as time too intervenes as the greatest healer. It enables to forget and succumb his erstwhile and venture out for something New.

We make tall claims that we can never give up our wishes and we will go out of the way to make them true but that does not always happen because Allah has the privilege to have a bird`s eye view, He is aware of all the cinematic techniques therefore he can zoom in and out any time, judging our conscience and then rounding up our tale with what he thinks we deserve.

So be content with what comes your way because you can never really say whether you deserved what is showered on us or not.

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