Monday, 27 June 2011


I don`t understand where it`s coming from! I really cannot take it anymore…
Everyone thinks of itself as smart, I ‘am rattled because of it but they mainly just do it to be a pain!!!!! and others may be jealous, but I don't normally think like that I guess!!
But don't go like clever dudes and slow down in your life or whatever just because of it!!
Clever people are jealous, what else... huh
It could be that  they comes out of their insecurities sometimes it's hard for all of us to find out we are short handed when it comes to certain ways of thinking we don't all process thoughts or know how to deal with things as well as people.
But I `am really fed up and depress indeed because the cleverness of a friend… it`s screwing me up, driving me at nuts!! Now it`s getting hard to bear… why she thinks of me as a fool. I `am in an abrupt situation!! Oh Gosh

 Why people, why every person is so bad to others??
 Why people are hypocrites, mean and playing politics around??

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