Friday, 24 June 2011

Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

Often I forget about how amazing Allah’s love is for me. We can’t touch or feel or even see Allah but we still love Him. Falling in Love with Him was the best thing I have ever done. But I realized today that for so long, I have looked for love in all the wrong places.

I know, that there have been times that we all have desired to be loved and desired to be given back what we put into the universe. How can Allah bring the right people into our lives to love us the way he intended it to be when we are so caught up in loving people, places or things that will return to us void.
How often have we worked hard just to obtain THINGS! Things that don’t talk back to us, things that can`t  love us, things that have no relation to the real love that Allah wants for us. So often we overlook people and situations because we are seeking love in someone who won’t ever love us the right way.

There were times when I can’t sleep, there were other times when I were completely alone. No one at my house, no tv, no phone. Just me and Allah and I thought that Allah is preparing for me and I often think the task is daunting enough! But nothing is to Hard for Allah. Everything I have asked for that was within Allah’s will I have obtained. Every person that came into my life to teach me a lesson I am thankful for. Every situation that put me in a place of success I thank God over and over for!

 Allah’s love for me runs through every vein in my body. His power in my life and my future is so promising. But I am sending myself and you, another reminder that Allah can not move unless you move those people and things out of your life.

I’m not an easy person to deal with all the time, but when I’ve looked for things to replace or substitute for the love I really deserve I only become more bitter and unhappy because it always returns void. It irks me a lot!!

So I suggest you today to put your thoughts into Allah, who matters. Let it go and Let Allah. That situation you don’t need to be in, get out of. The money you are getting from a job is not worth the loneliness you feel at the end of the day. Because the job will not stop you from being lonely!!

Its not too much to make your requests known to Allah. Pray about loneliness and love and honor. Ask Him to show you real versions of love and help un-taint your brain with thoughts of infidelity, miscommunication, greed, selfishness.

Stop searching for love in the places that love never really lived in. Love is from Allah and if it feels unsure and you have doubts it never was love. Its amazing that after all these life lessons, I still don’t know what love, purely and genuinely felt in the intimate form. Someone who desires to care about you and how you feel. Someone receptive to opening up his/her heart to really loving your flaws and all…including making sacrifices and effectively communicating desires and needs..that my loves is love, plain and simple…

Get what you need and what Allah wants you to have from love!!!
Stop looking for love, it just might pass you by… :-)


  1. I love this. I once posted about this in my one of my old blogs once.
    It's true: nothing can compare with God's love. But I believe that love is acquired when you prove yourself of earning it. A person who doesn't believe in God can't just sit around and expect some miracle to fall out of the sky.

  2. thanks for reading :)
    well, It’s a complex phenomenon, i do agree that "God can't just sit around and expect some miracle to fall out of the sky"
    But God has the privilege to have a bird`s eye view, He is aware of all the cinematic techniques therefore he can zoom in and out any time :)