Saturday, 31 March 2012

Internal dreams...

A place of internal dreams… a love thirst of viscous craving that can dwell in the body, fill the brainpower and suck one inner with the persistent force of black hole gravity .The pull is brutal as the fantasies grow. And isolation from society becomes a force as one break up from “the normal” with rolling stone momentum. I ‘am here, I ‘am over there… Me and Myself – Me and “the rest”.

I am digging out slide, the speed up fall inward becomes your exile… an exile by Me, within the self… to the self. The vibrant dreams become all intense… the chains handle lock up while your thirst grows – shaped as self imposed walls. A labyrinth of self-built brick chambers, a mental cage of pure urge.Aspiration, hidden beauty secrets and open space exist but I am all alone… the space is only the internal. Falling-inward thoughts and isolation grows stronger, loud loneliness scrapes at my back, scratching away the smiles of “the others” shape-shifting memories grow stronger while present fades into your past… is it my “truth”?

I have built heavy walls… walls of the psyche, walls of the drive, walls of the urge, the fantasies, the need for love, the isolation that devours the self all around me. This world seems a photographic carnival-hall of mirrors-tale of disgust and loveliness. Unseen yet impressive, challenging yet frail… harsh and huge. Secrets and murmurs, fur and glass… an individual exiled in the land of desire for love, by the river of longing for touch.