Monday, 13 May 2013

Dream of Naya Pakistan... is on the way

I am fully out of words; my first expression is that I am tired… I have had a firm belief that my leader would win but our Naya Pakistan is still 5 years away from us but we have set the grounds for something irrevocable indeed.
So Nawaz Sharif is in power again, he successfully stolen the election and he must get ready to own the consequences now ... B.A pass Prime Minister who  knows the tactics of getting votes only. Honesty is the first thing for a leader, they are not leaders, jyst Google & check Nawaz Sharif Corruption records. 

Rigging!! Rigging was at peak in every polling station. I witnessed by myself, it was my first vote and i was so much excited, NA-122. Punjab police was harassing PTI supporters, they have given free hand toPML-N goons. Presiding Officers were paid by PML-N. They must be neutral but they were supporting PML-N and asking everyone to vote for ‘Sher’ and were hanging Batches of PML-N on their shoulders.  Simply Unacceptable results in Punjab. Massive Rigging. Otherwise it was hard for ‘Ganji Kabootri’ to win from Lahore as Everyone I know in Lahore atleast 90% people voted for PTI… what the hell happened?

Watch it out  & tell, is it fee & fair?

These aunties (Nurses of Itfaq hospital)at polling stations as presiding officers & and fat police guys literally deserve ‘chittaar’ for 5 next years, mentality of these people can never be changed.  I am surprised how they can change the things in glimpse of an eye with their money… it’s very disappointing indeed.

Wow it is very thought-provoking that US has declared the Pakistan elections free and fair. Must be referring to elections in Punjab.  Huh Free & Fair

Now he is elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Lahore is not only Pakistan then why focus of development is only in Lahore not even in Punjab. There are rural areas, where people don not have clean drinking water, no electricity, they are deprived from Basic necessities of life and Miss Mariam Nawaz celebrating victory today by cutting a huge cake, Oh bibi itna he shoq hy victory celebrate kernay ka then go & celebrate with those people who don’t have a piece of bread to eat, who don’t have water to drink. I think she must cut down her make up cost and focus on the upward mobility of these people by that money. Danish school & laptops are nothing to do with our education system, that luxurious school, oh come on Shabby(Shahbaz shareef) Get a life… and Shareef family invest only in a project from where you can get enough money for  yourself, people knows you now. Black Sheep!! Old habits die hard so we are not expecting anything from you brothers!! 

I am least concerned to politics & the development & whatever going around, i am living a peaceful life Alhamdolliah, but i am speaking only for the sake of those people who don't have education, food. Wake up people... khan is not a price tag, he is there to help you people!!

Congratulations to the people of KPK   ...they have shown sense, insight and rejected the tried and failed ones. Thank you for your confidence in PTI

As usual, the moon of NAYA PAKISTAN is seen in KPK first. Other parts of the country will have to wait a few years more. IK would make KPK  a model province  and can show 3 provinces how to bring change! Forming a government in KPK won't be an easy assignment but InshAllah IK will deliver on his promises of Naya Pakistan in KPK: peace, education, health, infrastructure, drones, TTP & Army operations, war on terror etc.

I'm really happy for Khan winning in Peshawar and KPK. These areas really need some development!!

In the end I would like to say, People please don’t spread hate & racism. We are not Punajbi, Pathan, Sindhi or Blouchi. We are all one, we are Pakistani’s. We have to be united as we have read in books in our childhood unity is strength. I am reading different posts that shame on Punjabis and all future jokes would be about Punjabi’s etc. why so?  We did our part, I did mine. Punjabi’s voted for khan, Punjabi’s voted for change but it takes time for change and everything happens for a good reason I believe. Please stop spreading hate & do pray for the betterment of country.

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