Thursday, 20 September 2012

Freedom is the right to be wrong NOT the right to do the wrong!!!

Our Holy Prophet  (peace be upon him) was sent as mercy to the world. This blasphemy act was hurtful for Muslims…I am really not much into news & media stuff, read some facebook statuses of some friends & it was announced a holiday in office… so I get to know.
 It was a YouTube video that was the major reason of anger among Muslims but some people expel out their frustration by killing some poor Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, who had nothing to do with this condemnable video. Killing people on the basis of nationality is an ignorant and a criminal act.
Our beloved Prophet was a sample of forgiveness accompanied by patience. Particularly, when there was a verbal stabbing on him, he was never revengeful. Same was adapted by his companions. It was his enormous forgiving temperament which attracted people to Islam more than anything. In the recent events, some Muslims forgotten these great virtues of Prophet (P.B.U.H)
Though I still haven’t watched the video and won’t, more views, higher popularity and we are actually helping the movie makers cause, that’s exactly why made this video in the first place. By watching the video you empower the culprit, I strongly condemn the video & the killing of innocent people as well.
There must be some law to regulate the Internet business and fair for the people of all nationalities.
Do protest but peacefully and show to the world that Respect My Religion As I Respect Yours!!

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