Thursday, 15 December 2011

CDR's & CDRP's

Hello everybody, it’s been a while  that I was so much busy with CDRP’s. The story of how this happened is quite interesting. After a lot of hassle finally  I’m done with CDR’s & CDRP’s and I really enjoyed it so much .

It sarted a week ago and my CEO gave me one week to understand and test the whole process so I put my maximum effort to complete it. At night, I used to dream about billing code map – today I present it and it was good. Thank God . Few things were still missing but now I have this process on finger tips and I can teach it to my kids in future as well. *tee hee*

Whenever my dev manager questions me about that CDR’s as he teached me, I wanna tell him but whatever I used to explain him was inadequate for him and it really drives me nuts and there was a stupid smile on my face always–haha – In his absence I used to share same knowledge with my other colleagues but when he is around – everything fly away from mind and I know this is a non professional attitude as I have been told by usama so many times to stay serious at work place and today I have decided when he would be around and if cant stop my laughter I would think about something very sad  that happened in past – hahahhaha and it makes me laugh a lot :D but I controlled as I have to follow an inevitable workflow.
I wonder that I still use a notepad for the occasional brainstorm and doodle, though its not inception…  oh yes there would be an ice cream party for  me from my dev manager – yay yay – though it would add on to my calories but I would enjoy it.

I am thankful to everyone for kind support *smiles* I grabbed knowledge from everyone almost. I am thankful to Sir Amir my dev manager -  Many thanks for your every time help, good-natured support and for always being there.
I am thankful to Hammad who told me how to present – made steps for  me & made it easy for me to understand. Hammad, - you are very much appreciated for your time, Honestly, you've made an impact.
I am thankful to Sir imran, Sir saif, my team lead who listened to me unlimited time – oh yes how can I forget irfan who helped me to grab database understanding ov CDR’s.

Many thanks to Aisha and Mariam as well who made  me laugh all the time during presenataion, haha honestly speaking galz, thanks for your time that you listened to me during your hectic work hours and made corrections though it was fun. You galz put questions and told me that don’t laugh shama, don’t laugh!! 
And thanks to Ali – who even dnt know what are CDR’s but he listened the whole process so many times and I am sure  he can test CDR’s now *ear to ear grin*

Without you guys it would not be made possible within the deadline. Anyways once again thanks!!

Love you all xx


  1. Hey Shama , but what is CDR's and CDRP's? Since you have described a thing about it !I believe it to be pertaining to very generic common sense...In that case, my common sense has gone nuts!
    anyways,the first google search displays CDR=COMPACT DISK u were busy with this CDR thing i guess...and this cat widget on the left is disturbing while reading ur overlaps on the text..get it sorted!!

  2. Thatsssss awesomeeeee Shamaaaa.... :) :)
    Keeepp it uppppppp like this day you'll be the CEO of a big company Insha'Allah!!!! (Y)Partner :P

  3. Yea, I also have no idea about CDR's and CDRP's. I wish all the best for your work. :)

  4. Hey Rohit - these are usage file contain records - your google is wrong :P
    oh this is a friendly cat - okay i would look into this issue at weekend :)

    Usama - oye hoye hoye :p thanks - ahem ahem One day - :p

    Shreya - In short these are usage files & we need to process these file -thanks :)

  5. CDR - Call Data records...right?
    which contains all the details of the calls and the other usages on the SIM.

    The file which the network sends to the billing application which calculates how much the MSISDN (mobile no.) is to be charged.

    If I am right, then can pat on my back..I have not used google... :D

    I worked on this field for about 2 years..and the whole process was and is still very clear to me.. :P

    Good Luck :)

  6. Hey Kunal - yeah very right.

    and it took me 1 week to understand all this - if i know priory - i must ask you for help :)

    yeah i must pat on your back that you dint use google :p

    thanks :)