Monday, 17 October 2011

Finally 2.0 is live...

Hello friends,I am back on blogger – Did ya mish me ?? Few friends were planning to write up an obituary for my blog. haha

 Finally Porthos 2.0 has been released successfully – thank God , remarkable and miraculous thing to US! Of all the people who have work on this – without any doubt our team Dev + QA combination of abilities, talents, appearance, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities.

The last couple ov months- many ups and downs, the only thing that have really caught the attention of Dev team  and QA team that was 2.0

Aamir Ghais. He's 36, and he's of a kind.oh Gosh - too cute to kill - My Dev Manager. He did tremendous job and credit for this release goes to Sir Aamir. I would must say about him - Great people sleep less just like Edison, Newton, Franklin, Einstein & Churchill *smiles*
No doubt everyone one put his maximum efforts to make this release a success –Late sittings and even No Off weekends but it was a Fun indeed.

Everyone Enjoyed working with Porthos 2.0 – though it was tough to work with No Off Days, I never worked like this before  but I enjoyed & Now it became a habit to work on weekend *tee hee*  oh I know it’s a bad habit and Can’t prolong this bad stuff :D
 Everyone worked with devotion – honesty – intuition – integrity – knowledge -- objectivity, and more…

Things were going tough – so many issue – new requirements –  My director said to one ov my colleague that well done man – you made it and his reply made me laugh – He said, there is none ov my contribution in it, “pta nei yeh kasiay ho gya – Rabbon ho gya hy (God ki teraf sy) & Sir Aamir ki wejha sy ” infact no one is ready to take the responsibility *tee hee*

Some people took 2 long days to fix a logo in IE *Ear to Ear Grin* haha that’s we call devotion and the secret of creativity knows how to hide your sources. Unlike the game of soccer where players can be substituted :p there is no substitute ov you!!

Now there would be a grand party –  an effort to relax and we would love the party :D

It can be concluded that passion alone determines what one should or should not be doing because it enables one to overcome all obstacles.


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  2. And i Feel for him *blush* *wink* haha
    No way, he is not tyrant - he is also a victim & he worked really hard to make it a success!!

    congrats accepted :) thanks
    oh oh there is a friend with a grumpy face :D name israr who was going to write obituary :)
    thanks for reading!!

  3. bwa bwa bwahahahahahaha....
    Are you serious? I mean everyone in industry ships the products off hours/late nights/on weekends/Code hackathons. That's pretty much the culture of our industry which should be stopped.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your work and products/project shipments but don't let 'em stand on your shoulders. Bring it on babe (Y)

    Good Luck

  4. chalow ji bahut bahut mubrak ho :)