Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Visit to Hospital

Last night I had been to the hospital… after a long time I got a chance to visit hospital, there was misery in people…
I thanked Allah many times… no doubt good health is a blessing!!
Patients were lying on beds… No doctors to see them, there was a snooty doctor in his 40`s.

And I `am very sure he was out of his sense… don`t know why, might be due to hot weather!! And the young doctors wandering around, don`t know what they think of themselves by wearing a stethoscope around their necks :p when patients were calling them… they were not paying attention… strange & pathetic!!

Nurses whom we call sisters were roaming around with full make up in this hot weather, seems like witches in horror movies… and just inserting injection so brutally to infants and patients!!

I was surprised that how much discrimination in the system… it was literally pathetic!!  Finally a doctor listened to me, inquired the symptoms and wrote prescription without any check up!! Again strange!!

People around in pain, some with relatives and others alone… I wish I could have a magic stick and I may help them all. Doctors were showing so many attitudes to them because it was a free hospital. I ‘am not sure about this thing but seems so… because I never had been to a hospital like this ever in my life… and I thanked Allah Almighty…

 but what??

No life of poor people… their basic needs are not fulfilled by our so called Government… point to ponder


  1. i visited a govt hospital for an assignment...worst day of my life. i saw dead bodies n even had to stand beside one cuz there was no space!!!! all v v v crowded n no doctors to attend the patients. God bless us

  2. well... the situation at govt hospitals is really pathetic...and as far as private hospitals are concerned...they are just fleecing the patients without being any better than the govt run hospitals... :(

  3. @Kiran: yes no doctors around to see poor patients.

    @Israr: condition ov hospitals really pathetic in our country, there are doctors but no one to attend the poor!!