Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Row between Development and QA team…

I’ve been working with Sign-Up more and more lately :p It seems like Hide-and-seek,grown-up style.Wanting to hide.Needing to be sought, a mess with development team to work on. They are not ready to accept bugs in application seems like they are too possessive about their application… A hype to go live, No compromise on Quality, Smiles and disappointments, philosophies and theories!!
I spoke up to one of my development team colleague and I asked, 
Sir,  “Why are you so possessive about your application and never admit either it`s a Bug or not?” He replied, I confess that it is a bug but not mine, it’s of browser :p and it’s not my application, it’s of you people, we are just polishing it and at the end he said to err is human :D and I added (in my heart) to forgive is divine :p

Sometimes this seems funny to me and sometimes it drives me nuts especially nowadays when I `m having fast and crunches in my tummy than I can`t take it anymore. They suppress most of the time and always negate whatever QA team says… and they behave so combatively about application :D

It so funny when I `am pointing out a bug for 10 times and they says NO NO NO, but at the end my boss declares Oh Yes it`s a BUG.

This is an issue in every Software House *smiles* I just wish there were some really good engineers that may accept the Bug with an open heart. tee hee*ear to ear grin* yeah true I never came to office with Bugs in my bag from home, obviously these bugs entirely belongs to the developers and they should own it gladly.
I know Dev team it turns you mad, I myself been worked as a developer for 6 to 8 months, after some digging around, I found out I may have to migrate from dev to the QA. Hmmm this year, something’s different…*thinks hard*. It’s a fairly significant process and its troublesome to admit bug:p so Development team my sympathies are with you *Big Smile*

Dev team, Please tolerate QA skepticism its meant for betterment—QA Manager


  1. yeah you never came to office with Bugs in your bag from home.


  2. whether one accepts it or not but in this competitive era, if there is a bug, then someone somewhere surely finds it and then it will be embarrassing and even results in losses and contracts for the software i think its better for the engineers that they listen to QA and mend their ways :)

  3. Hi,

    Being in QA myself, I also faced this problem few years back in different projects. It was like, we had to prove to them beyond doubt, that this is bug, why this is a bug, what impact it will have on the customer and so on and so forth :)

    Thankfully, in my current project, I have none of these problems.If it is a defect, it is a defect. :) In fact, in a few cases, developers themselves have come and told me, hey this will not work, because I made a small mistake. Please raise a bug for this. :)


  4. @Israr...yeah they should mend their ways :)

    @Kunnu...Lucky you :)

  5. I've been working with Sign-Up more and more lately :p It seems like Hide-and-seek,grown-up style.Wanting to hide.Needing to be sought..

  6. wowww, awesome, koool post :)
    and thanks for mentioning me in the post :D

    as far as the attitude of dev team or possessiveness thing is concerned, there are many things behind it, one of main reasons is that in my last 3.5 years over here, we along with QA team worked on better quality product without any war or fight caz our focus was to deliver a stable product but sorry to say this time we didn't find that thing from QA side, QA was appearing as like they have to prove that they can do QA and post a lot of bugs. It was like "Dev team ko neecha dikhana hay, hamain apnay aap ko manvana hay, etc etc", might be it was caz of a total new QA team.
    And the biggest thing that especially frustrated me was focus on cosmetics instead of functional issues, on release night we ourselves found 3 issues and we were like :O :O and than we fixed them ourselves and verified them.

    And it has been my history that i always said that yeh this is a bug and log it please, but that should be a BUG :P not like "Add 1 pixel on right side" :D

    But I really enjoyed working with this QA team, there were times that we could have died caz of laughing :D but still it was dedication and commitment you guys that you guys get it done from a baadmash development team :D

    All the best for upcoming project (Y)
    and good to know that you blog, keep it up...

  7. Well, we can do QA without any doubt :p i think when we are working collectively at a product to improve it, we should avoid confront,harsh feelings,infuriation and work like a team instead ov leg pulling.

    Really we have no such intentions to degrade Dev team, we have so much respect for you people so here your perception is wrong!!
    To identify Cosmetic issues along with functional one is part of job...

    Same here, its good to work with you people.
    hahahahahhahahaha@ baadmash development team :D

    thanks :)

  8. chalain, laraee laraee muaf karain :D

    Promises are meant to be broken and perceptions are meant to be wrong :P so might b i m wrong...

    lets hops that we have a good work environment in next project aur kisi maha pursh nay kaha hay "Hope always keep us alive" :P

  9. This is not the case in all software houses. I have worked in a very amiable environment where we always agreed on facts, whether it was qa or dev. Conflicts were avoided always, and even when there were, we never got into a place where we started the blame game. Good write up though.

  10. While doing my research for a Quality Assurance course in Oulu University,Finland I found this blog interesting.
    Whatever, Developers are being payed double than QA :). For Quality Assurance there is not always bright future and for development there is always a bright future.A developer job leads him/her to Team Lead/System Analyst/Architect/PM/Chief Technical Officer.