Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My New Banner

Hey friends, I'm so happy, finally received my brand new banner!
Please give your views about the new design ov my blog... 

I am so much thankful to Mehreen (, who is my inspiration in blogging, and its an honor for me that she designed banner for my blog *Blush Blush*

friends you can also enjoy the opportunity to have a free new header for you blog... don`t get late & grab this opportunity *smiles* moreover its customizing, once you have you can customize it according to your own... Simply visit the Free Website Banner Ordering Form and give your specifications!!

Hey Meher, Once again a BIG thanks :)
love xx


  1. i like your new banner ... mehreen did a great job :)

  2. Haha i knew Mehreen is good at all these stuffs ... :P :P looks good Shama

  3. Thanks for the kind words :) I have added your link here in my little portfolio: