Sunday, 21 August 2011

Another 20th August...

And another year gone... i am grown up *smiles* wooooooooooops!!I`am 24 years old, oh Gosh... i still need to grow up indeed.... still i love dolls,still believes on fairy tales, mum still treats me like a kid.

Life is running at a fast pace... time is just flying away like birds, this time my birthday was entirely different.

Though my family was away but my friends make it superb for me. lucky me <3
First call i received at sharp 00:00 by my one and only sister Lilly,  mum you are the second one this time *tee hee*  Naseer Arif my class mate face booked me the first B`day wish, oh yes umair  in-boxed  :D  Usama & Zeeshan sent me  text msgs ... all these wishes mean a lot to me, Nomi asked to make a birthday wish :)

Birthday was celebrated at 3 places just like MQM leader Altaf Hussain :p as mum celebrated in Karachi, she mms me the photos, my younger brother was enjoy my B`day cake, other one celebrated at my khala`s place... it was super.  third one celebrated by my friends... it was fun and i would surely recall it on next 20th August as they spare time for me to make my day good *smiles*

Love to unwrap the presents, received dress, shoes, hair accessorizes, stuff toys etc.

Hope would celebrate two more, once when i would be at home with my family and the second one by my colleagues after Ramadan.
oh yes one ov my colleague made a beautiful greeting card for me*smiles*

Thank You everyone for making my day so special.
love ya all xx 
P.S: Credit for this post goes to my friend Muhammad Israr as idea behind this post is generated by him *smiles*


  1. *blush*
    seems like you had a superb birthday this time :) lucky you... celebration at 3 different places!!! shows you are loved and cared for.... i could not wish you on that day :( anyways...belated birthday and may you have many many more happy returns of the day :) i am honored :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Did you have fun. It is Ok if your Mom treats you like you are very young. My daughter is twenty eight and I still give her fun presents along with some clothes as gifts. Don't worry about growing up too fast. You have your lif time to do that.

  3. @ Israr... Yeah it was wonderful... :) thanks for great idea

    @Munir... thanks for kind words :)

    @Hamza... Thanks Champ. love ya xx

  4. glad that u had a superb bday :)