Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which lasts 29 to 30 days. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours and is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness to God. Muslims fast for the sake of  الله‎ and to offer more prayer than usual.

its a time of reflecting, believing and worshiping God. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam and to avoid obscene and irreligious sights and sounds.

Hopefully it would be first "FAST" tomorrow *smiles*
mum and dad i would miss you loads... joys of Sheri and Iftrai can only be felt at home... lets see what Ramadan has planned for me... i still remember the my first fast in hostel, it was in 2005... and after wards it became a trend... though i had Ramadan ov 2010 at home :)
Today i`am feeling not well, fever, flu, bad throat and bad cough... May God bless me with health so i may enjoy the blessings ov this month.



  1. Happy ramdan to you too and your family... may you stay happy and healthy :)